We are an award-winning group who perform a wide variety of shows from grand opera and Gilbert & Sullivan to modern musicals. We also have an SOS Entertainers group available for musical events. We support a number of local and national charities. Acting membership is open to anyone who passes an audition but we also welcome non-acting members. Please see our information on how to join SOS

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SOS performing Gilbert & Sullivan's The Mikado 2016. See more SOS clips on YouTube

SotonOpera 26 - 28 June 2019: Bitterne Park Sixth Form Theatre: #aroundtheworldin20shows #compilationshow. From 42nd Street t… https://t.co/YufbKrEqF2
SotonOpera Here is the full info flyer for our next production, coming up next month! #aroundtheworldin20shows https://t.co/kfOI8PF5uD
SotonOpera So, this is next month and looking fabulous in rehearsals. Got your tickets yet? https://t.co/cPw6YYiWF7