The Society strives continually to attract the largest and most vibrant mix of members, and is always looking to welcome new people on board as well as returning members. Joining Southampton Operatic Society really couldn’t be easier. Just follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Step One: Work out if you would like to be an acting member or non-acting member

  • non-acting members will be people who want to be involved in the stage scene without the actual performing in front of an audience bit. That said, without their valued contribution, we would not be able to keep producing first-rate shows. Non-acting members are accepted for a small annual subscription and enjoy all the regular benefits of membership;
  • acting members will pay the same annual subscription plus extra show subscriptions depending on how many times they perform with us on stage. They are eligible for all productions provided they meet the commitment we expect of them, and in due course to audition for a principal part in any given production provided they have first paid their annual subscription. They are required to sign up to the Society’s Membership Handbook and Rules (copy available on application) and will need in particular to ensure that they are available for all scheduled show performances plus the preceding Sunday and that they will be able to attend weekly company rehearsals at 7.15pm- 9.45pm which usually take place at Bitterne Park School, Sixth Form, Southampton every Wednesday night during the show’s rehearsal period, plus Monday nights as called (mainly for members cast in principal parts);
  • prospective members who are unsure how involved they wish to get are encouraged to come to one of our shows, review the content of our YouTube channel and, in particular, to come to one of our rehearsals in advance (by prior arrangement) on an absolutely no obligation basis!

2. Step Two: Contact our Secretary

  • for both non-acting and acting membership enquiries, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
  • for acting membership only, the Secretary will need to arrange an audition for you, which will usually be on the Monday night (from 7.15pm) before a new production rehearsal period. This night will be set aside for new acting member auditions although if you are unavailable on that date it is often possible to arrange your audition on another night or during the tea break in the middle of one of our rehearsals (usually about 8.30 – 8.45pm). You will be asked to complete a New Member Application Form (Word Document) in advance, or at the latest on the night;
  • prospective members wishing to attend one of our rehearsals to see what they are like should also arrange this through the Secretary.

3. Step Three: Get involved!

  • for non-acting members, once you have been accepted as a member and paid your subscription, you will be encouraged to take part in our off stage activities according to your interests and skills but the extent of your involvement is largely a matter for you;
  • for acting membership, at your audition you will be asked to perform before a small panel in private session, which will involve a musical number you will have prepared in advance (and you should bring your music with you for our accompanist). Depending on the number, you may then be asked to sing a few scales to assist the panel to judge your optimum vocal range and you will be asked to read / act a few lines from a libretto (provided to you on the night). Finally you will be asked to copy a few very simple steps to assess your movement and timing. Once you pass your audition and pay your subscriptions there should be no stopping you, and we hope that you will enjoy many years of membership during your SOS acting career!
  • for anyone not yet ready to become a member, do please come to our shows and/or book our SOS Entertainers, our concert group, for any suitable occasions or fundraisers. Better yet, why not become a Friend of SOS. For an annual donation of £25 (£30 double) special privileges are offered, including 25% off the price of a ticket to each of the Society's shows. Your support would be much appreciated in helping to meet the ever rising costs of our productions. For details please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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