Oh What a Lovely War
Words: Theatre Workshop
Music: Theatre Workshop
Written in: Authored Date: , Theatre Royal London

On the basis of factual data in official records, war memoirs, personal recollections and commentaries including those of:

The Imperial War Museum
Engelbrecht and Hanighen
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Siegfried Sassoon
General Erich Ludendorff
Sir Philip Gibbs
Field Marshal Graf von Schlieffen
Edmund Blunden
Marshal Joffre
Leon Wolff
Field Marshal Earl Haig
Captain Liddell Hart
Field Marshal Sir John French
Barbara Tuchman
General Sir Henry Wilson
Herman Kahn
Rt. Hon. David Lloyd George
The Times
Philip Noel-Baker
The Daily Express
Alan Clark

First produced at the Theatre Royal London E15, Tuesday March 19th, 1963 Presented at Wyndhams Theatre, June 20th, 1963


Also written by Charles Chilton and the members of the original cast (Military Adviser: Raymond Fletcher)

Oh What a Lovely War, June 2018, NST Campus (Nuffield Theatre)
Oh What a Lovely War, June 2000, Nuffield Theatre

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