Words by Stephen Sondheim and Music by Stephen Sondheim
Hanger Farm Arts Centre,
November 2010
Cast List
Frederik Egerman
Anne Egerman
Henrik Egerman
Madame Armfeldt
Desiree Armfeldt
Frederika Armfeldt
Count Carl-Magnus Malcom
Countess Charlotte Malcom
Mr Lindquist
Mrs Nordstrom
Mrs Anderssen
Mr Erlanson
Mrs Segstrom

Notes on this performance

114. A Little Night Music                      

Into the unknown…

In April 2009, David Tatnall approached the Committee with the idea of putting on three productions a year – the third one for a small cast at a minor venue performing a show that would not usually be considered. There was concern that it might be over-stretching the group’s resources and that the two main shows might suffer as a consequence, but it was decided to experiment with the idea as it might attract new members as well as adding variety to the repertoire.

It was decided that Sondheim’s A Little Night Music would make a suitable debut for the ‘short show’ and David Tatnall’s offer to direct, along with Martin Paterson to MD, was accepted. Auditions were held in May when the cast was given scores and asked to familiarise themselves with the music before regular Friday rehearsals began.

The actual rehearsals began in September with the show performed in the first week of November at Hanger Farm Arts Centre, Totton – ten sessions to learn an unknown and complicated musical! The idea of attracting new members was a partial success with Christine English and Abigail Miller joining the Society, Lorraine Morgan returning and Amelia Wright being recruited from DYT.

There were plenty of first night nerves at the opening as the cast (half of them dressed as clowns) worried that, as it was a new show to most, they may not remember their words or entrances and exits. However, the show was well received and the Echo reported: ‘The orchestra, musically directed by Martin Paterson, was a joy to listen to and set the mood beautifully. This was complimented by the talented quintet who passed commentary on the antics of the characters. 

The Armfledt family excelled with Lorraine Morgan giving a warm and refined performance as Desiree, Christine English excellent as the austere and embittered mother and Amelia Wright gave a confident performance as her granddaughter. Lisa Axworthy was also very good as the youthful Anne Egerman. Unfortunately not all the performances were as polished and there were some awkward moments in the first act. However, things were rectified in the second act with some humorous and touching scenes and it was impossible not be moved by “Send in the Clowns”.’

Initially it was thought that the show was a financial success but unfortunately the cost of the extended hire of the rehearsal material had been overlooked as was the price of the wood for the simple set (twelve wooded boxes) so, sadly, the experiment resulted in a loss of £126. 

Although there was to be another foray into the world of ‘short shows’ the following year, there have not been any plans to produce another to date. However, shortly after A Little Night Music, David Tatnall formed Pocket G&S, involving performers from most of the local societies, and they have thrived under this format. The twelve wooden boxes have also been well used… 

Terry O'Farrell


L-R: Abigail Miller (Petra), Lisa Axworthy (Anne Egerman), Matthew Pike (Henrik Egerman), Jonathan Fulcher (Frederik Egerman), Annie Masters (Mrs Nordstrom), Jason Sly (Mr Erlanson), Shaun Dodimead (Frid), Christine English (Madame Armfeldt), Lorraine Morgan (Desiree Armfeldt), Sam Sly (Mrs Anderssen), Amelia Wright (Frederika Armfeldt), Ellen Sly (Mrs Segstrom), Vicky Wilson (Countess Charlotte Malcom), Matt Sturgeon (Mr Lindquist), David Tatnall (Count Carl-Magnus Malcom)


Vicky Wilson (Countess Charlotte Malcom), David Tatnall (Count Carl-Magnus Malcom)

                                    Matthew Pike (Henrik Egerman)

                              Abigail Miller (Petra), Ellen Sly (Mrs Segstrom)

            Shaun Dodimead (Frid) with Christine English (Madame Armfeldt)