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Parking at the Nuffield Theatre?
Try Broadlands Road!

The University of Southampton is in the process of building on some of the car parks nearest to the Nuffield Theatre (now known as the NST Campus, but for clarity we’ll stick for the moment to the name we have been using for 50+ years).

However it came to our attention during the Oliver! show week that there is a large car park within a 5 minute walk of the theatre that many of us were unaware of, even after all these years of using the Nuffield!

The car park is in Broadlands Road (if you are coming down Burgess Road it is the right hand turning AFTER University Road). As you drive in to Broadlands Road the car park is on the right and there is a sign explaining it is for patrons of the Nuffield Theatre. This car park is free for theatre users/patrons AFTER 5pm on weekdays and at ANY TIME over a weekend.

A footpath runs from the Broadlands Road car park to the small car park on University Road. From here  you just cross the road at the pedestrian crossing and head on down to the theatre.                                 Jo Barnard


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