We are an award-winning group who perform a wide variety of shows from grand opera and Gilbert & Sullivan to modern musicals. We also have an SOS Entertainers group available for musical events. We support a number of local and national charities. Acting membership is open to anyone who passes an audition but we also welcome non-acting members. Please see our information on how to join SOS

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SOS performing Gilbert & Sullivan's The Mikado 2016. See more SOS clips on YouTube

SotonOpera Lots of faces new and old at our first proper rehearsal back for the Wind in the Willows! Great vibe and buzz already!
SotonOpera #WindintheWillows is now ON SALE! 29 Jan - 1 Feb 2020. Tickets from £10. You can use promo code BADGER to get 20% o… https://t.co/hsXZZhxBUL
SotonOpera Our next show is #WindintheWillows so if you have any questions get in touch! We have new members auditions next Mo… https://t.co/rUwidfdAv5